Virginia Aquaculture Association
Fish farmers, researchers, teachers, and business professionals
working together for the benefit of the industry since 1991.

ASSOCIATE:  Dan Smith, Regional Sales Manager - Strongwell
(Fiberglass grating and structural products, lightweight and corrosion resistant to salt water)
PRODUCER:  Troy D. Harris, Owner - Troy's Fisheries (Koi, Prawns)

Virginia Aquaculture Association • P. O. Box 115 • Bremo Bluff, Virginia 23022

TO PAY BY CHECK: Please print and complete the application
and mail it with a check payable to VAA to the address above.

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___ SPONSOR $150: Any person, firm, or organization that meets the qualifications of a producer member or associate member that would like to extend their membership contribution to include additional funds to support the activities of the VAA. Benefits include a listing on VAA print communications and on VAA website with link. ONE vote.

___ PRODUCER $30
: Any person, firm, or organization engaged in culturing, growing, processing and/or selling aquaculture products, actively, or in transition, in the state of Virginia. ONE vote.


 ___ ASSOCIATE $30: Any person, firm, or organization with an interest in aquaculture or who is intersted in promoting, research, teaching, extension, marketing, or supplying materials and/or services to the aquaculture industry. ONE vote.

___ EDUCATOR (Middle/High School level only) FREE: Any secondary school educator with an aquaculture program in the classroom, or who has plans to develop an aquaculture program in the near future. ONE (Associate) vote.

Are you in production now? ___ Yes ___ No. If yes, list species(s):________________________________________


__ Yes __ No.           If yes, check all that apply: _____ Retail _____ Wholesale _____ Direct to Consumer

Growing system(s) used:
(cages, tanks, etc.)__________________________________________________________

Aquaculture related interests and/or services or products offered


Name _____________________________________________________ Title __________________________________

Farm/Company/Organization/School __________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________COUNTY ____________________________

City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone _____________________________________ Work Phone _____________________________________

Fax ___________________________ E-mail ____________________________________________________________

Website Address _________________________________________________ Best time to call __________________



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