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Virginia Aquaculture
Extension Specialists


Dr. Brian Nerrie
Aquaculture Extension Specialist
Virginia State University
P. O. Box 9081
Petersburg, VA 23806
(804) 524-5903


Michael H. Schwarz, Ph.D.
Aquaculture Specialist
102 S. King Street
Hampton,Virginia 23669
(757) 727-4861

Fish Health & Diagnostics

Dr. David Crosby
Fish Health Specialist
Virginia State University
P. O. Box 9081
Petersburg, VA 23806
(804) 524-5620


Virginia State University
Randolph Farm Extension Pavilion
4415 River Road, Petersburg, VA

FROM THE NORTH (Fredericksburg), Washington, D.C., Maryland, etc) * Take I-95 South to Exit 54 (Temple Avenue). Take this exit. Turn left at the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp. Turn left at the second traffic light onto Route 301 (The Boulevard). Continue to the Fourth Red Light * turn right at the Wa Wa station onto Dupuy Road. Stay on Dupuy (will become River Road) past Virginia State University for one mile to traffic light. Turn right at the light. Go over the bridge and continue straight ahead for ¼ mile. The entrance to Virginia Cooperative Extension Pavilion is the second gate on the left. It is a one story cream colored building. If you see the Ettrick Library you have gone too far. Turn around and come back.

FROM THE SOUTH (Emporia, North Carolina, etc.) Take I-95 North to Exit 54 (Temple Avenue). Take this exit and continue as above.

FROM THE NORTHWEST (Staunton, Charlottesville, etc.) Travel Interstate 64 East to I-95 South to Exit 54 (Temple Avenue). Continue with above directions.

FROM THE SOUTHWEST (Roanoke, Lynchburg, Blackstone, etc.) Travel 460 East to Interstate 85 North (approximately 10 miles from Petersburg). Take I-85 North to I-95 North. Stay on I-95 North to Exit 54 (Temple Avenue). Continue with above directions.

FROM THE EAST (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Wakefield, etc.) Travel 460 West through Disputanta and Hebron. Stay on 460 West until traffic light at Wagner Road (McDonald’s on the right). Turn left on Wagner Road. Obey speed limits on this road! Stay on Wagner until you see the I-95 North exit on the right. Take I-95 North to Exit 54 (Temple Avenue). Continue with above directions.


NEW Publications Geared for Virginia Aquaculture (South Eastern United States) from the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC)

Hybrid Striped Bass

Freshwater Prawns

Interpretation of Water Analysis Reports for Fish Culture

Anesthetics in Aquaculture

Principles of Fish Nutrition

All SRAC Fact Sheets

Best Management Practices for Raising Catfish in Watershed Farm Ponds by David Crosby, Fish Health Specialist
(Download PDF)

Cage Aquaculture for Virginia Farm Ponds by David Crosby, Fish Health Specialist
(Download PDF)

Catfish Cage Production - Presentation by David Crosby, Fish Health Specialist
(Download PDF)

(Book) Recirculating Aquaculture
$124, ISBN 9780971264625, Hardcover, 975 Pages PLUS Website Software Support
Chapters Include:  Intro to Recirculating Aquaculture Technology; Water Quality; Mass Balances, Loading Rates & Fish Growth; Culture Units; Solids Capture; Waste Management & Disposal; Biofiltration; Biofilter Design; Denitrification; Gas Transfe; Ozonation and UV-Irradiation; Fluid Mechanics and Pumps; System Monitoring and Control; Building Environmental Control; System Management and Operations; Fish Health Management; Economic Realities and Management Issues; Fish Nutrition and Feeds; Aquaponics-Integrating Fish & Plant Culture; Appendix; Software Programs & Manuals of Use; Tables. To order, contact Dr. James Rakocy 340-692-4031;

(Book) Aquaponic Food Production - Raising fish and plants for food and profit
$29.95 ISBN 978-977969616, Paperback, 218 Pages, Published by Nelson & Pade, Inc.
This informative and comprehensive book covers aquaponics in a detailed yet reader-friendly manner. The text is complimented with over fifty drawings and photos, most of them in full color. For a complete description, chapter list, sample pages, and ordering instructions, visit

(VHS or DVD) Introduction to Aquaponics - 12 Chapter Video
$29.95 VHS; $29.95 DVD; $49.95 DVD Plus (includes back issues of 2009 Aquaponics Journal)
Contents:  Introduction to Aquaponics; History and Applications; System Components; System Designs; Daily Operation; Water Quality Dynamics; Fish and Plant Selection; Environmental Conditions; Additional Information; Greenhouses; Environmental Control; Considerations for a Commercial Operation. For more information, visit

(DVD & BOOKS) The Aquaponics Curriculum DVD Plus Package for Grades 7-10
$399 (Also available: $129 Homeschool Aquaponics Curriculum DVD Package)

This curriculum is an excellent tool for any teacher who is currently using or intends to use aquaponics in the classroom. The Aquaponics Curriculum DVD Plus Package is packed full of information and tools for teaching aquaponics in your classroom. It includes: 2 Printed Educator's Guides; 1 Printed Student Manual; License to print 150 student manuals or quizzes for use at one school; 1 Printed Desktop Aquaponics; 1 year subscription to Aquaponics Journal. The DVD-Rom contains: Introduction to Aquaponics video; Electronic Student Manual file for printing as needed; Electronic Educator's Guide file (non-printable); Electronic file for printable transparencies. The Educator's Guide includes complete lesson plans, lesson outlines, time period, objectives, activities, tests and answer keys. The Student's Manual contains each complete lesson, data forms and test/review. Note: The DVD-rom is intended to play on computer-based DVD players. Although it will play in many newer set-top DVd players, it is not warranted for use in these units. Available at


Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (VDGIF)

- Hold and Sell Permit
- Propogate and Sell Permit
- Collect and Sell Permit
- Exotic Species Importation Permit

Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC)
- Hybrid Striped Bass Growers Permit
- Oyster/clam Lease (to permit use of state bottoms for shellfish culture and mariculture)
- Submerged lands/habitat for use or alteration of stream and river bottoms Permit
- Commercial Fisherman Registration License (to harvest & sell shellfish and finfish from VA waters)
- Crab Shedding License (to hold and shed crustaceans)

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ)
- Wastewater Discharges
- Groundwater Withdrawal
- 401 Certification for Dredging and Filling in Wetlands

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS)
- Inspection Foodfish Quality
- Processing Facilities
- Predation at Hatcheries

Virginia Department of Health (VDH)
- Shellfish and Crustacean Processing Certificate
- Bacteriological Testing of Shellfish Growing Areas

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (CORE)
- Section 10, Alterations/Obstructions in Waterways
- 404 Dredging and Filling in Navigable Waters

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
- Approved drugs, chemicals and seafood additives

U.S. Department of Agriculture (Animal & Plant Health Inspections)
- Animal predation at Hatcheries

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS)
- Predation at Hatcheries by Federally Protected Species (Depredation Permit)


VIRGINIA GROWN GUIDE - Comprehensive listing of Virginia producers who market their products directly to the consumer. Published by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS).


"Virginia's Finest" Standards for Farm-Raised Catfish

"Virginia's Finest" Standards for Farm-Raised Freshwater Trout

"Virginia's Finest" Standards for Farm-Raised Freshwater Crayfish (PDF)

"Virginia's Finest" Standards for Farm-Raised Tilapia (PDF)

"Virginia's Finest" Standards for Aquaculture Clams (PDF)

"Virginia's Finest" Standards for Blue Crab Meat (PDF)
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